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ABC BREAST CANCER SUPPORT  -  A charity offering support to Jersey patients and their families through breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

CANCER RESEARCH JERSEY  -  The charity is the local fundraising committee of Cancer Research UK. Dedicated to actively promoting fundraising initiatives in aid of Cancer Research UK, in order to support research into the cause of cancer and the means of treating more effectively.  The charity shop is in Halkett Place, St Helier.

CARERS JERSEY  (previously Jersey Association of Carers) -  A pressure group acting on behalf of carers and to provide information and support to carers. Gain recognition for carers by family, community services providers and States of Jersey Members.

CLIC SARGENT JERSEY  -  An independent, local charity that offers financial and emotional support to children and anyone living on the Island who is diagnosed with cancer before their 21st birthday.

FAMILY NURSING & HOME  A charity committed to providing high quality, integrated nursing and home care in the community from pre-birth to end of life.

FRIENDS of JERSEY ONCOLOGY  -  A charity supporting Jersey’s Oncology Unit with practical resources, designed to help patients who are undergoing treatment.

JERSEY BRAIN TUMOUR CHARITY  -  A charity providing support to anyone living in Jersey who has been affected by a brain tumour diagnosis (benign or cancerous), be that patient, family, relative(s) or friend(s) providing them with care, support, advice and information.

JERSEY HOSPICE CARE  -   A charity offering free services to anyone with a life limiting condition including a Specialist Palliative Care team, that are on call 24/7, 365 days a year, a day care facility 3 days a week and a 12 bedroom In-Patient Unit. They also offer physiotherapy and complementary therapies and a Community Bereavement Service.

LYMPHOEDEMA JERSEY  -   A Support Group that runs a clinic for Lymphoedema patients.

MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT JERSEY  -  Offers emotional support from Macmillan Professionals, practical information, and social support, as well as a wellbeing service offering free complementary therapies, relaxation groups and information about exercise and healthy eating.

ST JOHN AMBULANCE JERSEY CARERS SUPPORT  -  St John Ambulance Jersey | Adult carers programme.  Offering a free community course for unpaid carers providing knowledge and skills in an informal atmosphere to assist you with your caring role. Most importantly you will meet other carers and be able to share experiences in a safe environment and have the opportunity to join a Carers Support Group that meets monthly for ongoing support and social activities.

TRAVELLING FOR TREATMENT -  Most patients travelling to the UK for Cancer treatment will be seen at Southampton. Click here for information on Southampton General Hospital.

Click here to access a facebook page for a support group for cancer patients from Jersey travelling for treatment.


CARING &  Further information from the Government of Jersey on caring and support

INCAPACITY  Incapacity Pension is paid as a compensation for the loss of earnings to people who, because of their loss of faculty, are unlikely to work again. 

INCOME SUPPORT  -  Income Support is an income-related benefit that provides financial support towards the cost of housing, living, medical needs and childcare. Carers also receive support.

SHORT TERM INCAPACITY ALLOWANCE -   Short Term Incapacity Allowance (STIA) is a daily benefit which may be payable when a medical certificate is submitted stating a person is unfit for work due to sickness or injury.

LONG TERM INCAPACITY ALLOWANCE  - Long Term Incapacity Allowance (LTIA) is a Social Security contributory benefit which helps if you have long-term ill-health or an injury.  Long term illness or injury benefit (Long Term Incapacity Allowance) (


SPECIAL PAYMENTS : help with emergency costs -  Special payments are one-off payments to help cover the costs of emergencies. They can be used to pay for a service (such as dental treatment) or an item (such as a replacement cooker). Special payments may be given as loans or grants.





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